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(All Art Shows Open the First Thursday of Each Month)

Feb 2019 - “Forest Spirits” a charity group show to replant trees. (Opening Night Thursday Feb 7th 2019 5-10pm)

March 2019 - “Head First” A 4 artist show with Naomi Haverland, Jose Rodriguez III, Peter Adamyan and Austin Eddy. (Opening Night Thursday Mar 7th 2019 5-10pm)

April 2019 - “Eclectic Sheep” A large group art show on the theme of Sci-Fi! (Opening Night Thursday April 4th 2019 5-10pm)

May 2019 - “May Flowers” A group art show with The Drawnk where each pice in the show will be a panel cut out in the shape of a flower. This is the follow up to our ever so popular “April Showers” show from last year. (Opening Night Thursday May 2nd 2019 5-10pm)